The Future at Soyara - Promises to Keep


We're very excited about our new litter, born January, 2008.  We're hoping the pups combine Virago's elegance and athleticism with Faith's dash and brio.  The youngsters clearly have Daddy's coloration and the siblings of each sex form a brace.  Look for these kids in the show ring.

The Proud Parents

DC Sylvan Seabury Virago SC, FCh. ROMX-C Ch. Soyara's Faith Tis Herself Esar

Sylvan Borzoi, photo used with permission



The Pups

born 1/23/2008


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GCh. Soyara's The Flying Dutchman


Soyara's Ilya Murometz


Ch. Soyara's Carmen Fantasy


Ch. Soyara's Celeste Aida


A Winning Brace




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